We are in the process of updating and repackaging the database, and associated tools. We hope this will increase the usability of the CropStoreDB System as a whole. This should be made available in the new year.

The input templates and associated files are generated as a universal starting point in discussions for curating data into the CropStoreDB Database. Please feel free to use them for any other purpose for which you might find them useful.


A series of MS-Excel User Input Template (UIT) workbooks have been developed as the primary data entry tool for CropStoreDB, and should be the first point of interaction with those generating and curating data. These are based on the database structure with input worksheets corresponding to CropStoreDB tables. This should be done after consulting the front "INTRO" worksheet associated with each of the UITs.

Database Input Templates (DBIT) are used by the database curator and are a direct representation of the CropStoreDB tables in Excel format. These are populated using data submitted via UITs, with additional provenance information added by the curator. The DBITs are then saved as Comma Separated Value (.csv) files for direct loading into the MySQL database by the database curator. The input workbooks are organised into sets of inter-related worksheets that correspond to the main CropStoreDB modules.

If you have any questions, or would like some assistance in curating your data please contact Pierre Carion.

User Input Templates / Database Input Templates

(updated to version 9_1)
Module Key tables User Input Templates (UIT)
cs_PLANT plant_populations, plant_lines, plant_varieties, plant_variety_details... input template download
cs_TRAITS_TRIALS plant_trials, trait_scores, occassions, trait_descriptors, design_factors, ... input template download
cs_GENETIC_MAPS_MARKERS linkage_maps, groups, loci; marker_assays, marker_sequences input template download
cs_GENOTYPE_SCORES population_genotypes, population_locus_alleles plant_line_assigned_genotypes... input template download
cs_ADMIN_GENERAL cs_images, cs_publications, cs_institutions, cs_people, ... input template download
preloaded data countries, restriction_enzymes

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