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CropStoreDB for Bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea)

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Bambara groundnut has been identified as an exemplar underutilised crop for R&D associated with Crops For the Future and the University of Nottingham Future Food Beacon. Southern Cross Plant Science is providing additional input for nutritional characterisation, knowledge representation and data management.

CropStoreDB Schema

Current R&D and outputs

  • Data curation
    • Public domain - CC BY 4.0
    • Data description and knowledge representation
      • Structured data
        • plant genetic resources, populations
        • phenotypic traits
          • agronomic, yield
          • nutritional composition
        • linkage maps --> genome
      • Controlled vocabularies and ontologies
    • Curation of structured data
    • Initial datasets have been curated through the CropStoreDB pipeline and represent field phenotypic data from a University of Nottingham PhD project.

  • Graphic user interfaces