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History of CropStoreDB development


(1993-6) The lineage of CropStoreDB is traceable to the AppleStore database developed within the EU FP3 programme project "Development of the European Apple Crop", with schema development initiated by Gina Kearsey and Graham King. The subsequent CoreStore database was developed in a UK Ministry of Agriculture-funded project to help manage the UK Top Fruit collection and included a Multi-Crop Passport Descriptor table for this genetic resource predescessors with the aim to provide.

The CropStore schema inhertied some key concepts from the above, and aimed to provide a more generic platform for management of crop genetic, trait and trial data. For many years the initial focus was on brassica data. Significant contributions were made by Claire Gaugain, Carol Ryder and Giles Weaver.

(2005-10) In its current form, the CropStore database and curation was originally conceived and developed in the research group of Graham J King. This groundwork enabled the major development phase to CropStoreDB (to v 7), which was originally developed at Rothamsted Research. This included contributions from MSc project students and Fady Mohareb, and subsequently the development team of Chris Love and Ambrose Andongabo.

(20011-present) CropStoreDB is now maintained and actively developed by Southern Cross University as an open source project.