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CropStoreDB for Macadamia


An implementation of CropStoreDB for Macadamia has been prepared with data curated by Graham King, Cathy Nock and Kirsty Langdon at Southern Cross Unoversity (SCU) as part of the Hort Innovation (Australia) project MC15008 - "Establishing an open-source platform for unravelling the genetics of Macadamia: integration of linkage and genome maps". These initial datasets demonstrate the value of collating information about a range of entities (plant populations, lines, accessions along with reference genetic maps that form the link to the first complete pseudochromosome genome assembly. They form a valuable reference platform for Macadamia genetics and genomics, including SCU's ongoing R&D and pre-breeding program.

We are working with the International Macadamia Research & Development Center to encourage adoption of data standards and open-source sharing of Macadamia genetic and genomics data to advance global pre-breeding activities and add value to the global macadamia nut crop.

Data included to date

Entity Records Date
Plant populations 6 Dec 2019
Plant lines 384 Dec 2019
Plant accessions (trees) 384 Dec 2019
Linkage maps 7 Dec 2019
Linkage groups (chromosomes) 14 Dec 2019
Sequence-tagged marker loci 5,620 Dec 2019

Data Access - graphic user interfaces

Data are published here are placed in the public domain under the Create Commons CC BY 4.0 license.

Establishing and conforming data standards

Future development